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Some of my areas of practice include:
  • Criminal Law (Felonies & Misdemeanors)

  • Juvenile Criminal Offenses

  • Traffic, OVI, & DUI

  • Personal Injury

  • Civil Suits & Small Claims 

  • Expungement / Record Sealing

  • Family Law

  • Divorce & Dissolution

  • Custody & Adoptions

  • Post Decree Matters

  • Wills & Estates

  • Probate


​​Let's take some time to sit down and see what I can do for you. The best place to start is getting to know you as a person and how I can best service you with dynamic success. It is at this point that we create a relationship and start developing a solid foundation.


​​What is the end result and how do we get there? As a team, we will make sure that every avenue available is resourced to develop the best strategy to reach your ultimate goal.


​​With your help and my experience we will work diligently to execute our strategy and provide you with the best opportunity to obtain your desired results.

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